fedex complaints

  • Who to turn to in case of complaint? 
    1. Buy a recording phone or skype and recorder.
    2. Turn it on
    3. Try to call fedex but always have your recorder on because there are many fedex reps working and they do not know what others have said.
     1-800-463-3339 Say "representative" at each prompt, ignoring messages.
    For fedex USA     call +19013693600
    For Fedex France call +33140855660
    4. Put your complaint and description of the conversation in writing in email to:
    For the USA        customersupport
    for France  
    5. go to fedex website and open 'manage' 'Package' on the left 'submit claims'
    6.Wait no longer than 2 days for an answer.
    7. Phone again with recorder on.
    8. write a letter and send by registered post to:
          FedEx Corporation
          942 South Shady Grove Road
          Memphis, TN 38120
     9. Phone again with recorder on. Tell them you will go to the better business bureau with your complaint.
    10. Go to the better business bureau
    11. Fill it out and inform Fedex.
    12. In case of no result, go to the police and file a complaint. In an online buy dispute
    for England police online fraud

     Tom BrinkmanApril 1, 2011 9:16 AM
    Dear Mr. Smith,
    Beyond your trademark brand packaging... The world waits for your streamlined parcel that are easier to read.
    I want the JOB to fix the other 90% of what you pick up for shipping. This changes the culture of flipping boxes... to a nudge, while streamlining new benefits before and after shipping events to all your customers.
    In the gray fog... my ship named "Concert" will come into a different light soon. There are benefits for everyone when you can see red rudders in the light.
    Starting today... two solutions of seven for use now are disclosed in the pages that follow. Lets start today.
    Tom Brinkman
    Ps: Pensacola Beach until 14th of April.




  • FEDX Has lost both my orders that were shiped.
    They could not tell me were the worker
    was at a given time ,date day.
  • Fedex is not a worthy shipping provider here in arizona high country.Everytime we have something delivered from fedex it takes phone calls and filing complaints,my husband dealt with it yesterday and he is in ill health ,lets just say he was not happy with fed ex employees who he talked to from houston were nasty with him ,flagstaff was nasty with him,according to fedex they don't have to worry or care when you get your package,we are looking into a lawyer for this there delivery practices,its not what you pay for in shipping cost for them to say we don't care its not our problem.
    Diana from holbrook,az
  • On 6/17/2011, One of fedex employees assaulted my grand-daughter,His wife was babysitting for my daughter,Gary Losardo who works for Fedex in High point Nc Beat my grand-daughter so bad he left welts and lashes on her little legs that left her bleeding from the open wounds.I talked to him and he became angry with me also telling me to mind my own f---king business, Is this the kind of person you want delivering our packages, what happens if someone confronts him on the delivery of their package. This man needs help, He shows a very bad anger problem with an 8 yr old little girl. who,s next I have pitures of the beating he gave this little girl. My name is Susan Hawk
  • FedEx has not only lost numerous orders, but are responsible for theft out of their stations, mis-deliveries due to the inability to be able to read simple addresses on the ship label and extremely poor customer service. FedEx hires contract drivers for $10 - $15 per hour for Ground and has drivers telling customers they cannot pick up all of their packages due to exceeding their daily average allotment (not even knowing what their daily average is)...what a joke! Completely reactionary with no proactive approach to solutions! Highly recommend UPS for all of your logistic needs.
  • Patricia ParkerJune 22, 2011 11:03 AM
    I add to the list of customers who have received substandard service from Fedex and the sad senario is that they accept zero responsibility for their incompetence and the customer service representative reflect this attitude when dealing with your complaints and concerns. We as customers should stand on the principles of supply and demand. Stop using their services and I guarantee they will attempt to do a better job.
  • I love the way they held my package at a FedEx location that was more than 20 miles from my home, then told me it was no problem to transfer it to one of several locations wihin a few miles of my home, never to be heard from again. The package was shipped back to the retailer when I provided my phone number, my preferrred transfer location and anything else FedEx requested, assuming they would contact me when it finally arrived. The package is now unable to be reshipped. Idiots!
  • Debbie from Valpo, INJuly 18, 2011 11:10 AM
    I went to a local FedEx location to have a homemade recipe book laminated and bound for a bridal shower gift. I waited for sometime as the store only had one employee working. I explained that I needed the item within 2 days. The employee explained that would not be a problem. She would have it completed that day and call me when it was ready. I called the store later that evening and was informed my order was indeed complete. The employee from earlier was gone and had never called to inform me she completed my order. I went to the location to pick up my order. When the transaction was completed I thought it was high but was in a hurry. When I got home I reviewed the reciept. I was overcharged over $31.00. I was suppose to be charged for 6 lamination sheets and had been charged for 18 @ 2.49 each. When I called the store back the employee told me this indeed was a mistake. She indicated she input the information into the cash register the way the a.m. employee wrote the order. I needed to wait until monday a.m. for a refund as it needed to be completed by a manager.
    I returned to the location this a.m. for my refund, only to find out the employee that wrote my order incorrectly and never called to tell me my order was ready was the manager!!
    Next time I'll go to a local print shop or The UPS Store.
  • I can hardly begin to tell you how angry I am at Fed Ex for destroying an heirloom antique chest of drawers that I shipped to my brother. First keep in mind that this item came from Norway probably about 1860 on a ship, and has been in our family since. It was beautifully made with spoon carving on the front. Fed Ex managed to practically make it firewood in four days. We wrapped it as instructed and shipped it off. It arrived at my brother's house broken, falling apart, split in half, and a real mess. I called customer service and filed a report. I was told that they would first pick it up for inspection and then pay for it to be repaired if that was possible. On the other end, in Oregon, a person came to pick it up a few days later and refused to even give my sister-in-law a receipt to say that they had the item. She was told that it would be returned to her in a week or two. That was Monday. On Friday the chest of drawers came back to me, still broken of course, with no explanation. I called customer service to see why it came back to me and after being transferred several times, was told that it was their policy to return damaged items to the sender. I was suppose to send a receipt for the cost of the item. The lady was a bit rude when I said that since it was over 150 years old I didn't have a receipt. She suggested that I look on the internet to see if I could find the price of a comparable item. I asked if I could have an antique dealer give a value and was told that I could. She made no apology for Fed Ex destroying the item in the first place and said she had no idea why the first customer service person told me they would pay for repairs. Well, to make a long, disgusting story shorter, my husband, who did the initial paperwork only insured it for $200, which is all we will get, plus the shipping. I looked on e-bay and found similar but less ornate chests of drawers of the same period with values ranging from $3800-$4800. Now we are looking for a good antique furniture repair person who will try to put this chest of drawers back in one piece for about $350. My brother, living in a large city, could have found one to at least look at it a lot sooner than I can. Why didn't they return it to him as they said they would? I asked if, when, and where it had been inspected and the customer service person could not give me an answer. You can bet we will never ship anything of value by Fed Ex again. How can they be so careless? I was told the Fed Ex is on the way out, and I can see why.
  • FEDEX has no customer service....and doesn't seem to care. I have been trying for over a week now to get a pkg. delivered to my apt. The drivers are allowed, at their discretion to leave packages at the leasing office. This driver has been told numerous times to deliver it to my apt and chooses to ignore even his/her manager. I am disabled and unable to go to the leasing office. I have a signed receipt on my door and they don't come to the door...they go to leasing office because it is easier for them. The customer service rep asked if the leasing office could deliver the package..I said no, that's not their job, it's your job! FEDEX needs to be able to come up with a code that indicates a recipient is disabled and deliver the package as addressed...this is a form of discrimination for those of us who are disabled in any manner and needs to be corrected. This is an automatic shipment that comes every 3 months and I refuse to go thru all this again so therefore will cancel my order and have to look for an alternative. Thanks FEDEX for allowing me not to retain a shred of independence and again have to rely on someone when a simple delivery to my apt. would suffice.
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Sherallyn Cody-Begay and I am writing you this letter to let you know that on May 27, 2011 in front of Zach's Transmission and 4x4 at 101 Pratt Street, Unit D, Longmont, CO 80501 Phone 303-776-8885 Fax 303-776-8822. My brother, Benjamin Riggs, had a heart attack and died. I am having such a hard time dealing with his death because an outside security camera clearly showed a FEDEX employee walking up to him and looking at him while he was still alive. YOUR employee did not notify anyone in the front office, call 911 or even yell for help. My brother was lying on his left side, flailing his arm and grabbing his chest and your employee just watched then walked away and drove off. My brother could have been saved. I am so angry, hurt and heartbroken that I've been seeing a psychiatrist and therapist since. Your employee's disregard broke no laws and I do not want to hate but I feel so empty without my brother. He was such a nice person. My brother is gone and I can't change things but I just wanted you to know that this incident happened.

    Sherallyn Lee Cody Begay

    4956 W. Wickieup Lane
    Glendale, AZ 85308
  • dear fedex,
    my wife shipped my 46 inch flat screen tv to me in wyoming, and guess what? it arrived damaged!!! wife filled for claims and fedex had it over for inspection..the lady who inspected it was so rude and prejudice..ironically she inspected just the carton and concluded that our tv was not damaged..based on this assertion fedex denied our here is my case, lets say the carton was damaged and my tv wasnt, does it mean fedex would have honored my claim? what does the box got to do with my product..unless fedex is saying if u buy a set of glasses and its well packaged and its dropped and dragged, does it mean the glass is not gonna be broken?..hope some one is listening cos i aint done with this case!!!
  • My name is Carlos, C. from Buckley, WA. I had a package scheduled for delivery today Nov. 7, 2011. For some reason the package was attempted for deliver on Saturday 5th, and a note was posted on the door...I was just next to my entry door at 10:53am when supposely the Fedex guy came, but didn't heard the door bell or anyone knocking the door, just a note (door tag) was left. I looked at the website and it was posted that the package will be delivered on Monday the 7th (original date) now they decided to change the delivery for "home delivery service ???" and I won't see my package until Tuesday the 8th, because this Dept. only delivers from Tuesday to Saturday. I'm losing money already with the parts I'm waiting to complete a contract. FEDEX doesn't care whatever they do or mess up our bussiness. Someone has to put a stop to these kind of negligences. The FEDEX Corporate knows that this is their greatest "weakest point", that is the reason why there is no contact number or any contact person in the Corporate published so we can access it to complaint... I'm telling everyone I know that does business to avoid using FEDEX...they just don't care if you lose money whenever they decide to change their delivery schedule....
  • Mr. Smith,

    Just letting you know your employees are lying to me. I received my package recently and its clearly damage. I was so disappointed with your service. This is the first time I used your service and this is what i've got. The shipping was international, I filed for claim until now they are pointing fingers. I want a full refund of my package. Here's the tracking #429130610070. Kindly pay attention to Rima Dumaguil-Philippine FEDEX employee, Terry Crawford-US FEDEX employee, they're both LIER. Trying to switch the story just to close my case. I hope Mr. Smith you have a good heart and fix the problem with you employees. Like what I've said I WANT A FULL REFUND. You can contact me in my tracking #.
  • FedEx by far is the WORST company I had to deal with. You do NOT value customer's satisfaction and there is always some stupid issue. Today I was at home ALL day, and when I called up FedEx to see where my package was, they told me that the driver came by at 12pm. FYI, I was at home in the living room by the door ALL day and DID NOT hear ANY doorbell. Are you really saying that the driver was so retarded that forgot how to ring the doorbell??? This is beyond disrespectful and ridiculous!!! You have absolutely no urge to improve customer's satisfaction. Is there any point for you to stay in business. I' m sorry, but this is the worst lies I've ever heard regarding my package not being delivered. I did call the company that I ordered from already to suggest not to use your services any more and I really hope that they will change the shipping partner and I won't have to deal with any of this crap anymore.
  • Dear Fred Smith, your driver misdelivered a package to my home last Friday even though as he pulled away I whistled and yelled at him to come back knowing I had not ordered anything to be delivered by him. so, I found your "customer service" email address and sent them my address and told them to come and pick up the misdelivery. Today, I have emailed your group a total of 5 times with the same instructions only to have the "person?" answering me want me to type in the package tracking number, to whom it's going, my address, phone and a good time to come and pick it up. Folks, I don't think it's difficult to send a truck to the address I've given to pick up your misdelivery. there is only one closeby Fedex terminal to me so if your lazy web people in CS would just pick up the phone and tell them in person to come and pick up the package, you wouldn't be hearing from me. Instead, it still is sitting on my porch where you misdelivered it. I suspect the way this is going you will end up paying the claim for the item rather than doing your job and retreiving the package and delivering it properly. It's no wonder UPS kicks your butt and is growing like crazy!! Fred, you need to get on your lazy, apathetic people. if you want to talk about this issue, call me at 678-654-8727, but then i'm guessing nobody from Fedex reads the comments.
  • It's nice to know that Fedex hires ethical ground delivery drivers. I hope you read that with much sarcasm. I live in a ranch style condo with a sidewalk leading to my condo and my neighbor with our unattached garage on either side of the sidewalk. Well I heard a noise and when I looked out I saw the Fedex truck. Thinking he was making a lot of noise getting the packages to my neighbor I went back to doing what I was doing. Right after he left I walked outside and saw that the Fedex driver ran into the gutter and damaging the roof of my garage. Fedex it is nice to know that you hire unethical drivers that are not willing to take responsibility for their actions. Damage someones property and run away like a coward. I called Fedex and I am getting a claim form so they will be paying for their employees action. If Fedex reads this: this happened on January 25, 2012 in West Carrollton, Ohio 45449 and the tracking number is DT 7122 5877 8125. This driver should be fired.
  • Good luck getting any driver from the Austin office delivering in San Marcos to deliver to your door. They delivered to the front office whether you are home or not because they are too lazy to deliver to the actual address on the package. They dont leave a note or anything. You will just find the status online which conveniently LIES saying you were not home. Then, delivered to the office in the same minute. The customer service online is a joke. They send you form responses and make excuses. FedEx drivers are lazy.
  • If you take a close look at the "Team Members" at a Fedex store you know all those people are picked up from a mental instituition every morning and bussed to the store. They are obnoxious individuals who do not know anything about Customer Service. If they don't like to deal with people why take up a counter job. All their copiers and printers are not maintained properly, yet they charge you for bad copies. Yet Fedex employees put every copier technician through the ringer. This company was a million times better when it was Kinkos.You have to be a retard and a freak to work at Fedex.
  • "Retards and freaks"? Well, no wonder FXO employess are obnoxious and "don't want to deal with people"--they have to deal with people like you. I happen to know people who work at a FedEx Office and they seem pretty intelligent to me. I guess after being mentally beat up by customers day after day, I would be a bit crazy myself.
  • Yet another screw up by FedEx.

    Sent an overnight express envelope with time sensitive information from my home in Rio Rancho to Greenwood, Co. You'll never guess, it never made it the 429 miles. It did make it to TN Corperate where they promptly lost it on the 15th of May. It's now been 7 days since the envelops arrival in Memphis, TN and no one can find it. Of all the thousands they employ and not one individual can find it.

    I spoke to two separate tracking supervisors Eric and Veronica on the tracking management team, both were useless and rude!!! I asked to speak to their respective supervisors. I've never received a phone call from either one. One is Reginald Whitnty and a Robert somebody.

    Last week I spoke to the same individuals and they said, "we have it and it will be expedited to the receiver. It's been found by tracking and will be expedited." Oh and by the way, we had a massive power outage and are still experiencing problems. Guess what, I don't give a crap!!! Do your job!!!!

    I called again today just, a few minutes ago and was told by both Eric and Veronica the package is lost. They needed more information to find it. Let's see, I gave them my name, address, who it was being delivered to, the contents in the envelope which has my name all over it, etc. What more do they need??

    Wholly crap, I could have found it days ago with the information that was given. What they won't do is get off their corporate asses, pull their finger out and go find it. Their going to be really surprised when the have a civil law suit filed against them individually by name for the loss of revenue.

    Was I asking to much to get the package to the recipient in one piece? Was it to difficult for them to hand sort the overnight deliveries, like the post office has for over 100 years?? Does anyone at FedEx actually give a crap about accomplishing what they were hired to actually do??

    So here I set waiting for a call from Mr. Reginald Whitnty, that was suppose to take place in 15 minutes ago. Boy was that utter BS. This is exactly why this country is falling apart. No responsibility, no initiative, no motivation and certainly a no give a Sh#t attitude. What's worse is, I have lost money, time, and I still have to file a complaint and a claim. Just more wasted time and effort, for something that should have been very simply accomplished.

    I know what the problem is but I'm first going to need to speak to a Caucasian to get someone to respond with a positive attitude, and I'm a black person. I'm truely ashamed of my own kind.
     4/25/2012     I have had bad luck with FedEx before tracking said the package was delivered and id was left 50miles from my address thought maybe this time it would be different but no such luck tracking says that no one was at home today but my wife was here all day (does not work)called and was told to leave note on door to leave package so i will try that. they think you are lying but the driver lies when they post there report too tracking.
    4/8/2012     We orderd from ebay4-4-12 told would ship fedex ground and delivered by 4-10-12. Reveived call automated stating delivery on 4-07-12 between 9-5 with signature required. Husband stayed home missing grandchild Easter party to sign for package. By 4:30pm call placed automated service stated delivery by 5pm on 4-7-12. By 6pm I called spoke to customer service was hung up on then got a hold of another person then 3 people later spoke to a so called manager who said nothing except I understand but it looks like delivery is set for 4-11-12 not the 4-10-12 as promised by shipper when purchase made. And now no one available to sign for product. Fedex appears to disreguard its customers and their complaints. Why would anyone chose to use Fedex for anything. They can't make up thier minds as to when, where, or how something is to be delivered. Corperate needs to look at these complaints and address them!!!
    4/5/2012     Fedex smartpost is the worst delivery service ever conceived no reliable tracking, no delivery and totally does not work in areas that the post office does not deliver. Whoever thought up this mess should be fired.
    3/31/2012     Fedex is not reliable not the driver only but most of the staff all they want is to still people good my advice for anyone not use them most when u shipping to south africa
    frank lee
    3/31/2012     The FedEx delivery guy dumped a package weighing over 150 pounds at the front office of my apartment complex. They call me to come get it before they close at 5pm. My daughter had to leave work early. With great difficulty, we had to drag that thing out the office, across pavement, then lug it into her car. Then lug it out of her car, across pavement, and finally into the apartment. Now my back hurts with small spasms. Why didn't he just leave it at the door? It's not like anyone could run off with it? I paid to have it delivered to my door and it wasn't. Now I'm in pain and mad as hell!!!
    3/22/2012     Boy, can I relate to these comments! When the tracking info for my package showed that it had been delivered but it had NOT been delivered, I call customer service. All the rep wanted to say to me was 'these drivers don't work for Fedex, they are contractors.' I don't care if they're Santa's little elves, the side of the truck says Fedex. She said they will track down driver, see if he can remember where he delivered it and if he can, try to get the package back. It's a brand spanking new IPad 3. Good luck. I will never trust them again.
    3/15/2012     Extremely disappointed in Fedex service and will NOT be using ever again. Package was lost. Customer service said that they really are not sure what happened and offered NO assistance whatsoever. One of the representatives was so rude and told me she couldn't do anything about this issue and that there was no reason for me to keep calling. Seriously?! How does Fedex stay in buisness?
    3/13/2012     I ordered a package from and it was delivered by Fed-Ex. My sister and I live next door to each other and instead of the driver checking the numbers on the houses, he stopped at the first house and left my package on my sister's front porch. I heard the truck and I thought it was a package that my sister ordered, so I went to check the tracking status online and it said that the package was delivered. These driver's need to make sure that they are leaving customer packages at the right address. I live on a dirt road and most of the Fed Ex drivers always go to the end of our road and turn around to make sure they have the right address, but this one he turned in the first drive-way he saw and left my package at the wrong address even though I would have gotten it, but that is not the point. That is bad business on Fed Ex behalf when their drivers do things like this. So can relate to all the other post on this site.
    Ms. Tee
    3/10/2012     VERY DISAPPOINTED, AFTER 12 YEARS OF RELIABLE DELIVERY FROM FEDEX, I mailed very important documents to my parent's via FedEx International Air Waybill to India. As promised by Fedex, the package was to be delivered on March 3rd, 2012 to its final destination by 8:30pm destination time. Per tracking/tracing the package it was delivered to its final destination at 3:45pm on March 3rd, 2012, received by someone named Mr. Praxxxxx. Just to ease my mind I called my parent's to see if they received my package (I had informed the recipient way in advance that it would be delivered on March 3rd by 8:30pm their time so someone would stay at home all day). Jaw Dropped! Noup... Well, I contacted FedEx, they said the package has been delivered before the time it was promised to a person named Mr. Praxxxxx., just before mailing the package I came back from India after a two month stay knowing there is no one named Mr. Praxxxxx at that address. I ordered an expedited trace to retrieve the package and told them to deliver the package at the right address even if there was a holiday. I had provided ALL correct contact information on the FedEx Label including sender's and recipient contact #'s when the package was prepared to be shipped from US. When the package was retrieved, we found out that it was delivered to incorrect address, incorrect named building, dropped the package with watchman,did not ask his name or without any proof of signature. The watchman gave the package to some kid who lived on 4th floor of that building, kid gives it to his father, Mr. Praxxxxx who opens it, flips the address label inside out, and have it lay around for four days. Well, my parents went to pick the package at the address it was delivered to... kindly asked Mr. Praxxxxx if he got a package, he replied very firmly, "I did receive something...guilty feeling... but look there is no addgess, the address label is blank, so how would I know who's package it is". I'm thinking if the address label was blank how could the package be delivered to him by father did not want to get into all that took his package and left. All comes back to Fedex Franchise all over Asia & other international countries...first of all India is like a third world country, give opportunities to the country to do business, Indian hires illiterate people thinking they know everything and doing a great job (my address label was cleary printed with correct name, address including the building name & contact #'s), so I don't know how a franchise owner or someone can go wrong while running a reliable and very efficient business like FedEx. I'm Sorry FedEx, "All I can say, USA FedEx Company needs to go after their international franchises to make sure they are following and running their FedEx franchises according to your regulations"!
    Very Concerned Client
    3/1/2012     Did you know that FedEx drivers are above the law, they all park in Handicap, fire lanes, and no parking lanes, I have pictures, truck numbers and license numbers. I have called and talked to many people about this problem, they all told me they would talk to the drivers, but this continues to happen even a year after the first time I talked to the company. This just tells me the company incurages this practice. Hopfully you wont need a handicap space, I do have family that need these spaces. Kevin
    2/28/2012     A package that was to be delivered to my home at Tiburon california 94920 was delivered to Tiburon California 94920. The tracking # is . This was very unprofessional and not the service I paid for. Sincerely. P.J. Grasso
    Philip J Grasso
    2/13/2012     2/13/12 Package is missing. Dough Chatham/FedEx told me that Dahlonega, Georgia and Douglas, Georgia are the same city. However, Dahlonega, Georgia is located in North Gerogia and Douglas Georgia is located in South Georgia. However, he did admit that he did not know where the packager is that was picked up by FedEx on 2/8/12 for next day delivery to Douglas, Georgia. Next time will use the U.S Postal Service!
    1/31/2012     Dear customer support, I lost my shipment 4 weeks ago and your customer support is very helpless to find my shipment Tracking number for my shipment is They came to your warehouse at Keasbey, NJ and after that they lost. We shipped those boxes from India and Indian shipper is telling to talk to FEDEX anad FEDEX is telling me to talk to Indian shipper. I chossed FEDEX becasue of good service and what I get is a harrasment and ignorant service. Thanks
    1/24/2012     This shipment Number: was received in RIYADH on 18th of Jan and today it is 24th Jan and has not yet received. Whenever I am calling they tell it will reach tomorrow morning but tomorrow never happened till now. It is very important document and if it will reach on 25th of Jan, then i will supposed to complaint for my loss which is going to occur. It will be a very big loss.
    12/29/2011     Im DISAPPOINTED by the services of this company. they have reassured us that the package will be sent to its destination in a few days only. and guess what, when I tracked it down online. it's still on clearance delay for more than a week now.!!! and the year nearly ends. so when will I expect my package? NEXT YEAR??!!
    12/25/2011     Fed Ex was supposed to drop off an important package for me Wed. dec. 21st. but as of Saturday evening Christmas Eve. it still had not arrived the package was just sitting in the local Raleigh NC office it had been overlooked by every employee in there I think because they all new about it. The manager said they were going to make a special trip to bring it out to me and said it would take about 45 minutes. Two hours later the package nor its driver never showed up. Normally I have never had any problem with Fed Ex. I can't believe a manager would out right lie to a customer like that that but he did to me. I explained that the package was very important and I really needed it in the time frame he promised. I can't believe it even took that long to begin with. I'll never use their service again. From now on I'll use UPS.Fed Ex is getting like Time Warner Cable now....with the non-caring attitude.
    12/22/2011     FedEx must fire the man who throw the monitor over the gate while the owner was at home. I want to know that how many packages did he thrown like that? FedEx sucks!!!
    12/20/2011     I was not happy with the way my shippment was left at my residence, I was not at my place of business and my package was left on the sidewalk in front of my business where anybody could just pick up the package and left. there was a business next door where my package could have been left. It should be if nobody is available to receive their packages it should not be left to anybody to take. I wasnt to happy. My house was right behnd my place of business where it could have been left also. At this time of year peole like to steal.
    11/18/2011     WOW! I was just on line yestureday praising FED EX AND COMPAIRED THEM TOO,USPS and UPS.My responese was Terribell, every one cursed Me evan My 94 year old grandmother! I was just comparing do to My previous employment experiance, I was on the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN I GUESSE!
    11/14/2011     pls,it is my email have pakage with you in Nigeria.becourse am receiving email that i shoul pay so so amount to come and pick my pakage and am expecting a pakage from US.pleas am expecting your repply
    10/10/2011     On street parking is at a premium in our neighborhood here in Topeka, KS. One of your drivers, Earl D. Pinkston II, insists on crowding us in our attempts to use the parking in front of our home with a Fed Ex Company vehicle. He parks, sometimes at a minimum of 6-8 inches or less, from our car or truck. We have called and filed written complaints about his behavior on at least three occasions. Perhaps you should think about reprimanding him by not allowing him to bring a company vehicle home. If that's the sort of publicity you wish, I will begin to take photos of his behavior and submit them to your corporate headquarters in Memphis.
    10/4/2011     FedEX has lost customer focus. Doubt me? Try sending them an email comment. Only email addresses are for shipping. NOTHING for something like the web site not working properly. If you have to replace your credit card, good luck. They lock your number so that you have to do it over the phone! From the company that started internet tracking. OK. Call them up. They will explain THEIR policies to you, and politely, but curtly tell you why YOU are wrong. No matter how STUPID their policy, YOU are wrong. Carrier could not find your address? Well, must be in a new subdivision. What, you've been there 60 years? OH, well YOU are wrong. The carriers do not make mistakes. No, sir, we DON'T have google maps. What would we use THAT for? Hello, UPS? The brown trucks are looking better.
    9/22/2011     my FedEx experience was the worst i hate using them for delivery purposes they just lost 2 of my packages,if they come the never come back the 2nd day so i would have to drive and get my package which i paid them for and they never leave a door tag . i paid for over night delivery and got it 2 days later . the Supervisor thought it was o.k and not there fault.i would wait 5-10 for my package then use them this is thee worst company to have a package shiped or recieved flat out
    9/16/2011     Does anyone know who to contact at FEDEX regarding the relocation of their drop-off box?
    /13/2011     FedEx screwed me up three times in less than two weeks. One was a delivery to the wrong address, one was a COD for $750.00 that the driver would not take a check and he still left the package and the third was that they sent me COLLECT labels when they should have been COD labels. The executives are shielded from customer's like me and I talk to people who do not know what is happening. I have been trying to reach Sheila Harrell but her Assistant, who has been courteous and helpful, would not give me her phone number. Do they not want to know what is going on directly from the customers who are affected???I may have to switch to UPS.
    mister medic
    8/23/2011     I also recieved an email and it is supposedly urgent and it told me to contact A DIRECTOR IN YOUR COMPANY BY THE NAME OF MR Richards do you have any person by this name working for you here in the states or in a nother country. Thank you This is a matter of claiming a package/parcel
    8/15/2011     Fedex dropped my package off at my rental office. My rental office opened my package and Fedex said, "we are not the United States Federal Postal mail and it's not against the law for someone to open up your package because we are Fedex." I was in shock! That means whatever you do don't ship with Fedex because if something happens with your items they don't care. Use UPS! Fedex is crap.
    7/28/2011     Fedex sucks atimes they should learn to keep to their words n keep to time and date too
    7/28/2011     I ordered a computer from HP, who used FedEx Home Delivery to ship me my new computer. I took the day out of work to wait for delivery. The computer was delivery at 4:44pm but to the wrong house. After I received an email notifing me of delivery and not having a computer, I call FedEx to report the problem. I explained that online it states computer was delivery and signed from by ADAM, however I never received the computer and I do not know an ADAM. FedEx sucks!! They say that they need to contact the driver to see where he delivered it, no problem I can understand that. Contacting the driver will take two days...Huh...are they sending him a letter. Why can't they call him up and ask him??? I can't believe it takes two days to ask him about a deliver, how is he suppose to remember after two days. That's just crazy!!
    7/19/2011     Tell me how a package that clearly states "priority overnight" and "extremely urgent" could be just tossed onto a back entry. A back entry that quite obviously is not a primary means of entering the house. At least the package survived the downpour we had last Thursday, but now I have lost a week in gathering information needed in regard to trying to save my house. Thanks for nothing Fed-EX...
    7/7/2011     How can a shipment "Standard Overnight - Adult Signature" turn into "Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized" FedEx and Sony (co-conspirators) have lost my computer. I was at home the day it was supposedly delivered. There was no notification, no package, NOTHING. This problem has been going on since May 24th, FedEx picked up my shipment May 24 now it is "LOST", and I am getting a huge runaround. Beware!!!!
    6/24/2011     FedEx is very irresponsible. What in the world would give a driver the idea that he or she could leave a package on the doorstep in inner city Baltimore? Maybe it's not actually left on the door step.who would know? All I do know if my packages are being stolen and there is no excuse for it. A note left advising us to pick it up would be an excellent option. Ask the 800 operator for the local hub number, but was told that is private. Something is horribly wrong and FedEx, you would think would care about their customers more than they do. I'm disgusted.
    6/4/2011     Was expecting a package delivered thru Fedex Ground. Waited for it the WHOLE day yesterday in VAIN. Ckecked/ tracked the package earlier yesterday and it was confirmed to be in the truck for delivery!! When checked on their website last night, the package was put under "delivery exception" due to wrong address. I called their 800 number and verified the address TO BE CORRECT !! Was promised the delivery will be made the following day. The following day came with NO delivery still. Called again and learned the package was NOT out for delivery at all. This is NOT the first time I've experienced this crap from FEDEX. From now on I will suggest to ALL my suplliers NOT to USE them anymore !!!!!!! They SUCK !!!!
    5/14/2011     YES, I recently had a theft of expensive motor oil I purchased two days before the driver brought the parcel,ran like heck with the gallon of oil,Then left our gates flying back and forth with the wind,And drove 90 mph to avoid me questioning him. Then told his supervisor he chained it back shut that day.No phone # for the Jerome Idaho fed-ex, just the 1-800 # that tells me how sorry they are about this.Im going above this fed-ex store, and finding out which thief thought I was not home that morning.The idea of our gates is to keep thiefs out, although Fed-ex in Jerome Idaho obviously has no problem employing this one.Im going to get reimbursed for this theft one way or another, Im sick of thiefs and LIARS, AND IM GOING TO FIND OUT!
    Ed Wilson
    5/3/2011     Clearance Delay on Apple product. from Anchorage, AK. What is the problem?
    4/27/2011     Does FedEx have Express Customer Service Director by the name of Mr. James Martins working for you. I received what could be an important e-mail stating that I needed to get in contact with this person. E-mail address online:(fedexpress0101@hotmail-com) Tel:+229 984 25508. I have not been able to reach by e-mail and Phone # has too many numbers in it. Please help me if you can so I can get to the bottom of this.